Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Ignoramus of the Week Launch

I hereby announce the launch of the dubious yet prestigious "Ignoramus of the Week Award". The award will go out on a weekly basis to the blogger or commenter exhibitng the greatest ignorance, stupidity or idiotic behviour. The award unfortunately does not carry a cash prize due to certain funding and financial difficulties.

This week we shall honour Dozz who quite amusingly attempted to convey some semblence of higher homo-sapien thought by addressing the social issues concerning modesty and dress over at Omar's blog. However, it is worth noting that the cockroach (Ziad Abu Ghneimeh) came in a close second after quite a valiant effort with his piece entitles "What they buy and what we buy". In it our dear friend Ziad outlines the frivolities and sheer eccentricities of wealthy Arabs, which is in not a bad subject considering the ridiculous lifestyles of said wealthy Arabs. However, Ziad would then proceed to regurgitate the old Zionists-are-taking-over-the-world routine coupled with a hefty dose of racism and anti-Semitism. It was ultimately this latter part that brought him close to the award with the former inhibiting him from claiming it outright. No matter, something tells me that Ziad will not give up and redouble his efforts for next week's award as Ziad is an embodiment of all the aforementioned ideals which are the very spirit of the award.

Let's turn back to Dozz, lest we forget the man of the hour, our hero, this week's Champion. In his comments Dozz displayed a lack of command of the English language and a number of peculiar irregularities and contradictions. He said that he loved music but there are too many concerts, and women are either westernized or immitating other cultures. Dozz eloquently describes peer pressure, and then proceeds to thank God for the conservatives whilst simultaneously exuding some wonderfully sexist attitudes.

Your award is well-deserved Dozz.

From all of us here at the Spreading Chestnut Tree, a sincere and heartfelt Congratulations on winning "Ignoramus of the Week."

Tune in next time as we crown more winners.

With the current situation in Gaza and Lebanon, and the ensuing political punditry from many JP "writers", it will be a tough call. But maybe the winner will be chosen for a masterpiece that did not discuss politics...
The Staff at the Spreading Chestnut Tree will will endeavour to look towards pieces from other categories besides the political.
under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me :)
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