Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Some thoughts

The traumatic events of 9/11 elicited a number of interesting responses from the Arab and Moslems around the world. On on level, you have your typical brainless twit. This type of response is comprised of assorted conspiracy theories, presenting "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" as evidence (forgetting that it is undeniable truth that the aforementioned book was nothing more than a tsarist fabrication, but enough of that now).

These esteemed individuals do not want to deal with the fact that there perhaps exists something inherent in Islam that led the hijackers to commit such a monstrous act. This mindset is often coupled with the fact that many of these people funneling these conspiracy theories have lived out their entire lives under the domineering eye of a totalitarian state. These individuals find a free and RELATIVELY impartial media unfathomable. They cannot conceptualize the notion of independed journalism, because they have never experienced. In their own countries real journalism is a joke, so why would they trust the press reports in general?

Furthermore, the dictatorial Arab state has successfully funnelled years of frustration and economic chaos on that elusive Other or outsider, blaming all of its shortcomings on the Zionists or Jews or the Americans.

If you're Jordanian, I'm sure you've heard this one before: "Everyone is getting the flu, it must be that the Israelis are leaking radition through the Dimona reactor". Such ludicrous statements are commonplace in polite conversation in Jordan. It's no wonder so many of us can't face up to the fact that some really fucked-up people flew planes into buildings on September 11th, 2001. We're conditioned to blame everything on the outsiders.

Great start.
Your first two posts included references to people using the words (brainless wit, cockroach, tedious, unintelligent, baboon in a cage, idiotic behavior…)
You may have some legitimate points in your arguments that are being lost within the name calling and the unjustified personal attacks…
I mean, I think that open market economy is borderline criminal, but I won’t be calling you an idiot for believing in it (maybe an opportunistic money-grab!).

There is an annoying superiority tone in your first (below-average) posts but I don’t know, maybe it is justified…maybe you lived overseas for a few years or maybe you own a small or big business…maybe you have a graduate degree from an overrated “west” college…or maybe you read two books that you are really proud of... which of course makes you much better than all of Jordan's "middle class".

Unfortunately you thought you are bringing something new, but ended up being exactly like those JP members you complained about.
Just a different version of intolerance and superficiality.
perhaps you're right, from now on I'm going to concentrate on issues i want to talk about.
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