Tuesday, July 18, 2006



I cam across this on JordanPlanet. I have to say Rami's insights are bloody brilliant. This is exactly the kind of sentiment we need in Jordan. Neutrality in the ongoing conflict is a great boost for the Jordanian economy. All this bullshit arab nationalism coupled with some islamist jihadi mentality thrown in is really getting tiresome. That is not to say that as individuals we should not be oblivious to the barbaric violence. We should be outraged by senseless death but we should not as a society channel all those feelings of anger and disgust into abstracted visions of an "honour redeeming" confrontation with Israel. The foxnews of the Arab World, a.k.a. Al-Jazeera watching idiot seems to be sitting comfortably back in his or her armchair watching the events unfold and feed the cycle of violence by giving tacit approval to Hizbollah.
I'm ecstatic to see that many Lebanese, besides the maronites, are fed up with Hizbollah. I think Nayef in Beirut says it best here. The Hizbollah leadership knew very well that kidnapping those two soldiers would invite massive retalliation on the part of the Israelis. So why the hell did they choose to embroil Lebanon in such a conflict? Personally, it's becoming painfully obvious that Hizbollah is willing to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of Lebanese in order to re-establish sympathy for the group as a resistance movement. A cool calculated political move which on some levels appears to be backfiring.
None of what I have said is to say that Israel's bombardment is not equally deploarable. Destroying the entire Lebanese (not only Hizbollah) infrastructre with countless civilians along with it is not going to secure the release of the soldiers or lead to what Israel is projecting to be increased security.

thanks inas for your words... now i may have hippie ideas, but, damn it, we need some hippiness in the middle eastern political agendas
That is so true. I wish many more people in Jordan will learn to use their brains more than hearts.
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